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How does it work?

Saddle Up Scholars creates an individualized plan for each student’s academic needs and interests. Whether a student excels in math or is struggling with reading and writing, we are here to help! Our tutors will begin meeting with students in person at their riding programs to establish a relationship, and then switch to meeting in one-on-one virtual sessions to accommodate flexible schedules that do not require transportation or travel. If a student does not have access to a laptop or wifi, Saddle Up Scholars will provide this technology.

Who can join?

All participants in our partnered riding programs are able to receive the academic services from Saddle Up Scholars at no cost. As long as a student is regularly involved with the riding program, our tutoring and guidance will be available to them.

When does it start?

We encourage students to sign up during the summer, so we can build a program just for them by the time school starts in August. We also help students in summer school programs.

How do I enroll?

Complete both the Learning Agreement (signed by parent/guardian) and Student Questionnaire, and our team will be in touch to begin scheduling. 

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