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Welcome BridgeUP, GiddyUP to Saddle Up Scholars!

Mar 6, 2024

Southern expansion

Saddle Up Scholars continues to expand its services to another esteemed program, BridgeUP, GiddyUP in Memphis, Tennessee. Under the umbrella of the Helen Gurley Brown Foundation and based out of the Southern Blues Equestrian Center, GiddyUP seeks to guide young people into a future in which they can take their horseback riding skills and apply these into any future career path, within the “horse world” and beyond it. Their merit-based system of riding standards and levels helps their riders set and attain goals with both their riding and school. With an emphasis beyond horsemanship and on academic achievement, college entry, and job attainment, GiddyUP aligns closely with the mission and vision of Saddle Up Scholars. We are looking forward to branching out to the south and working with their community partners at the SchoolSeed Foundation to continue to empower students and remind them that “it’s cool to be smart.”

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